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Testimonials and comments

  • If you want an educator and trainer whose practice is ethical and to the highest of standards, then Ros is the person for you. Her workshops are highly organized, prepared, and full of fun with inspirational material offering endless opportunities for learners of differing abilities and skills. I plan to use her recent materials on equalities in my next social work training session as professionals in the field can never have too much current information to better prepare them for everyday practice. To give you some idea of the caliber of the person Ros is read her book on Anti-discriminatory Practice.

    A Social Work Educator and Trainer

Everyday Mathematics

  • This course inspired me to take some of the ideas and suggestions back to my setting and try and put some into place.
    Early Years Worker
  • Very enjoyable, I have taken a lot from this.
    Reception Teacher.

Child Development

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this training, the materials were relevant and adaptable. My thoughts and views were and did form part of this training. It was exactly what was needed.
    Nursery Manager.
  • Very good teacher / leader. I got everything I wanted from this day.
    Reception Teacher

Treasure Baskets and Heuristic Play

  • The thing I found most useful was the hands on experience relating to the course.
    Nursery Worker
  • I will defiantly be introducing them both to the setting, to staff and parents.
    Parent Support Worker

Introduction to Religions and Faiths

  • Explained and covered very well. Rosalind had so much enthusiasm and was great to listen to. She made the course an interesting and varied Saturday morning. Thanks
    Nursery Teacher
  • I enjoyed the training. I learned a lot about religions.
  • Very interested in the course Found out new information on religions I was vague about, Thanks for the information. Was very enjoyable and entertaining.
    Nursery Teacher

Anti Discriminatory Practice

  • I really gained a lot of knowledge about the topic because the delivery of it was excellent and at the right level.
  • A very useful morning with lots of information and ideas to take away, useful to look at definitions, useful resources to consider.
    Childcare Development Officer

Observation, Assessment and Planning

  • I have had feedback from a couple of participants who are new to their setting and found the course really useful and it has really helped them to feel more confident about their own abilities even though they are relatively new to completing observations. The exercise where you had some poor examples of observations really helped consolidate what should be in an observation and made them realise that they are adding what is needed to their observations and that they should feel more confident. Local Authority advisor
  • Thank you for Thursday, not only was your delivery of the course brilliant, we achieved the enthusiastic 'starting point' we were looking for. Nursery Manager (in house training session)

Physical Development

  • What was particularly good was trying out practical activities, child development, planning opportunities and resources. I really enjoyed the course there was time to ask questions and the information on how to get resources/equipment was very informative.
  • Lots of interaction and movement, fun. Rosalind was fun and kept us engaged.

Working with children who are two

  • Very easy to follow and good to revisit working with two year olds. Made me think more about the COEL. Childminder
  • Reinforced my knowledge and made me aware of concentrating more on the COEL and how children investigate and experience things in my setting. Childminder
  • The resources and support for further reading was useful. Lots of information and further websites to explore at home. Enjoyed the course, time went quickly, lots of interesting information. Childminder

Having fun with science and ICT

  • Much more aware of ICT in children's lives, very informative, lot's of fabulous ideas. Nursery Practitioner
  • I am able to incorporate this in my planning now. Nursery Practitioner

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